Hospital Planning and Consulting

Our company has many years of wide-ranging consulting experience in the planning of new buildings, refurbishments and extensions. We offer competent support in the form of planning or participation during all planning phases from the start of the project to the commissioning. We provide practical and individual advice for our clients to optimise the daily operating procedures during ongoing hospital operations.

An experienced, interdisciplinary team of employees accompanies our clients continuously throughout the entire project and is oriented towards the goals of a functional, efficient and economic hospital operation.


Our range of services is structured according to the following planning phases:

Project development phase

This step includes demand planning, strategic planning, feasibility studies, strategic concepts, business plans, studies and functional-organizational deficiency analyses.

Planning and design phase

In this planning phase our work has its focal point, where all our experience gained from a large number of projects and our extensive know-how is directly incorporated into the design of the project team including the architects and specialist engineers. In this planning phase our work includes the following service steps:

  • Functional space programmming, according to DIN 13080
  • Functional and operational organization planning (preliminary and detailed concept)
  • Start-up support (relocation planning, start-up operation assistance)

Our work is always carried out in close coordination with the hospital management and the users (physicians and nursing staff) by an interdisciplinary planning team with many years of experience. We act as a catalyst in the entire planning team. We transfer the wishes of the users, bring them in line with the requirements of the management and help architects and specialist engineers to implement these ideas accordingly.

Our range of services:
Demand planning

Analysis and evaluation of performance data

Analysis of the catchment area

Analysis of the demographic development in the catchment area

Analysis of regional health care and development of medical priorities

Forecast of the development of demand

Master Planning

Development of medical-strategic development concepts

Review of the physical and logistical consequences resulting from the development concepts and description of the necessary design and planning requirements (e.g. space requirements)

Preparation of medium and long-term planning concepts for somatic and psychiatric hospitals

Development of physical and functional deficiencies analyses

Detailed evaluation of the current functional conditions

Review of the available usable net area and determination of the required space demand

Evaluation of the building conditions from a functional perspective

Functional evaluation of sites and real estate for hospital or clinic use

Development of modern utilization concepts and elaboration of suitable alternatives solutions (new building, extensions or refurbishments)

Preparation of functional and space programs

Analysis and prognosis of the essential hospital data

Development of hospital operation concepts

Room-wise listing of the required net areas together with functional design recommendations

Functional planning during all design phases

Advice for clients, users, architects and specialist planners in determining functional relationshipsbetween and within the various functional areas and functional units

Review of all design phases (e.g. concept design, preliminary design and detailed design)

Preparation of feasibility analyses and architectural competitions

Compilation of competition terms and conditions

Compilation of planning documents

Definition of competition tasks

Definition of the assessment criteria

Coordination with Chamber of Architects

Implementation of the preliminary examination Preliminary review of design submissions