With more than four decades of experience in planning and consulting of hospitals, university clinics, laboratory buildings and health care facilities, we offer our customers competent and individual solutions from a single source: from strategy and conception to implementation.

Company History

Our company has been active in the field of hospital and medical equipment planning, both nationally and internationally, since 1973. From the very beginning, we have concentrated on consulting and actively supporting public and private hospital owners, users, architects and specialist planners in the planning of new buildings, extensions and refurbishments and in solving daily operational problems.

Established in Ingolstadt, the company’s headquarters were moved to Munich as early as 1975. At present, there are branches in Bremen, Mainz and Abu Dhabi.

In more than 45 years since our foundation, we have proven ourselves in almost all areas of hospital planning. With more than 350 projects of all sizes we have been able to gain extensive experience.

In addition, for over 10 years we have been involved in international projects with great success. Numerous projects especially in the Middle East, where we currently are working on several hospital projects in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, are the result of our expertise and reputation. We are not only active as consultants and planners, but also as general planners. New tasks are pending in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

With the founding of HM Hospital Management International Consulting + Planung, the range of services provided so far has been expanded and rounded off. For some years now, the hospital department of SRP Steinbüchel-Rheinwall Architekten has been integrated into HM in order to be able to offer a comprehensive range of services to foreign clients in particular.

HM is part of the Hospitalgruppe München which today comprises SRP Steinbüchel-Rheinwall Architekten and HM Middle East LLC.

Corporate Philosophy

The health care system is characterized by a constant change in the demands of our society, politics, medical and medical-technical developments and last but not least the expectations of today’s sophisticated patients. In a globalized world, developments in Europe, the USA and the Far East have a considerable influence on the requirements of our healthcare system and thus also on the planning and design of our hospitals.

The planning of hospitals, university clinics and health care facilities can no longer be left toinexperienced individuals or individual planning offices. Instead, it requires a team of experienced and efficient consultants, architects and specialist planners who are jointly able to develop integrated and innovative solutions for their clients.

In order to meet these challenges, in the more than 45 years of our existence we have brought together a team of experts, covering the areas of hospital management and operation, medical equipment and architectural planning. We are therefore able to offer future-oriented consulting and planning services from a single source.

In this context, future-oriented means accepting the challenges of our health care system by a motivated and creative interdisciplinary planning team concentrated on developing solutions which can be translated into a sustainable architecture combining functionality and aesthetics and thus also creating an employee-friendly ambience.

It is our objective to achieve improvements  of the hospital environment which generally has a great impact on patient satisfaction  and enhances the healing process of patients.

With over 40 years of experience and with the assistance of our knowledgeable interdisciplinary team we are supporting our clients to successfully achieve their goals and objectives for creating efficient, cost-effective operating and management procedures in their new or refurbished  facility. Furthermore, we assist the entire planning team in employing sustainable and state of the art medical-technical equipment, in reaching optimal functionality. At the same time we are always keeping in focus the needs and expectations of patients, employees and visitors. The aspects of aesthetics architecture, intercultural openness, environmental friendliness, sustainability also contribute to the above goals.

Our interdisciplinary team is always striving to develop project oriented and user oriented solutions on the ground of evidence-based criteria and proven planning methods. We are a reliable planning partner for our clients.

Our successful motto over the years:

Through synergy to success.

Our Values

It is our main objective to contribute to a patient-friendly and employee-friendly hospital environment and to enhance functionality and efficiency in health care facilities. Our work is guided by the following principles:

We are hospital specialists - it's the know-how that counts!

We have specialised in planning and consulting of health care facilities. Our work focuses on hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and clinics. Due to our large number of projects of all sizes and specializations, we have the necessary knowledge and know-how to constructively support our customers in solving all issues arising in the planning process. We are involved in renowned professional associations and are constantly training ourselves to advise our customers according to state of the art devolpments.

We see ourselves as your partner - consulting is a matter of trust!

We are convinced that feasible solutions can only be developed in close cooperation with the hospital management and in particular with the users. We attach particular importance to including the end-users (e.g. doctors, nurses as well as represantatives of hygiene and logistics) and we involve all of them into our decisions and working process. Combining customer experience and requirements with our multi-facetted experience we can achieve optimal results for each client. We are a critical but constructive and creative partner of our clients. We identify ourselves with the problems of our clients and are hopeful that they in turn can identify with our work.

We provide individual and project-oriented recommendations - the solution of problems is our objective!

At first glance the functional and operational requirements of hospitals and health care facilities may be similar, however, our consulting experience teaches us to look at each project assigned to us individually and to develop project-related solutions that can be easily implemented. Only the success visible in daily operations is also our success.

We work holistically - quality and creativity are no coincidence!

Our interdisciplinary team is oriented towards the common goal of providing our clients with comprehensive services. We always incorporate the multi-facetted experience of our team into our work.

Teamwork is the basis of our success.

Management / Employees

We owe the success of our company to the high motivation and special qualification of our staff, most of whom have been with us for many years. We regard employees willing to take indepnedent responsibility as important as creative teamwork.

For decades, we have relied on a specialised team of hospital planners, engineers, architects and business economists with an additional graduate nursing or medical education. Thanks to our long experience, we also have an international network of experts at our disposal, seemlessly integrating into our team.


Chrysanth von Steinbüchel

Dipl.-Ing. Architect (TU Berlin)

Founder and managing director

Over 45 years of hospital planning, consulting and architecture

Main areas of activity: Site evaluation, weak point analyses, master planning, function and space programs, functional and operational organization planning, architecture

Management of all international activities

Member of Bavarian Chamber of Architects, AIA, Intl. Associate


Stefan Schropp

Certified bio-medical engineer; 27 years of professional experience; deputy manager

Complete service profile according to HOAI, experience in all areas of medical equipment planning

Head of the medical equipment department


Cornelia Sir


Senior Consultant
Since 1996 in our company with extensive experience in all areas of hospital planning

Main areas of consulting: Company organization, process optimization, function and space programs, strategy reports, feasibility studies, personnel development, personnel requirements, nursing management, supply and disposal

Head of the department business organization


Today we employ over 30 people at our headquarters in Munich and in our branches in Bremen, Mainz and Abu Dhabi.