Hospital Construction

Modern hospital and laboratory construction requires the use of an interdisciplinary planning team, which must be guided and coordinated by a creative, experienced and efficient team of architects.

As a partner of the client, we undertake all planning services in accordance with HOAI. From the initial considerations to the target planning, from the preliminary draft, design, implementation planning, tendering and awarding of contracts to site supervision. Thanks to our in-house team of hospital planners, who focus on the functional and operational aspects, we have unique know-how at our disposal, which we can access at any time. This makes our work fruitful.

Our core competence is in line with the objectives of the company management and the endeavour to develop innovative, functional and creative solution concepts in close coordination with the users within the set cost and time frame. Our work is based on the vision of creating an employee-friendly and patient-friendly ambience in which employees and patients alike can feel comfortable. This increases the motivation and efficiency of the staff and the chances of the patients being cured.

In addition to object planning, interior design is just as much a part of our tasks as master and target planning, always with the aim of finding sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly overall solutions in the given urban environment.

We plan our building using the most modern planning methods and software such as Revit, Autocad and Allplan. This not only allows us to integrate powerful tendering systems but also to use BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Building in existing buildings with as little disruption to day-to-day operations as possible are challenges that we are happy to accept.

We are hospital specialists and have specialised in the planning of health care facilities and laboratory construction. In recent years, we have focused our activities on international projects, particularly in Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

We work holistically -
Quality and creativity are no coincidence.